sabato 18 febbraio 2017

Archaeology, Art, Culture, Civilization, this is the kind of Diplomacy that Italy excels most at!

These two late-roman busts have been shattered and damaged by ISIS (mercenaries in service to the U.S. UK Israeli Saudi and Qatari interests).
Having chased the islamist goons from the areas they had swarmed into, syrian authorities have been finally able to recover the pieces of the two work of arts.

But the work of analisys, damage assesment and restoration required expertise and technologies beyon the ones available locally, especially in these times of turmoil.
As these pictures do show, both of them have been offered to the Syrian Arab Republic by Italy.

Italian archaeologists and restorators have always been ranked among the world's best with a wealth of knowledge garnered from the manteinance of one of the world's most extensive artistic heritages in the world.
Ricostruti e risanati, i due busti verranno presto restituiti al Governo siriano, con la speranza che la sua definitiva vittoria sul terrore e i suoi scherani significhi il 'cessato pericolo' per tutte le testimonianze storiche del paese e, magari, del Medio Oriente tutto.

Rebuilt and restored the two sculptures will soon be returned to Syria with the hope that its final triumph over terror will herald the end of the menace of defacing and destruction for its cultural and artistic heritage.

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